Fiat 500 for him

Inspired by limited edition military green FIAT launched with the collaboration of Italian fashion brand
DIESEL, FIAT 500 for him is a fragrance of character, for a man with a strong personality, original, gritty,

sporty, transgressive but with style, characterized by a typically Italian elegance. The fragrance begins with
an explosion of freshness thanks to the sparkling energy of grapefruit combined with a vibrant mix of Timur
pepper and pink pepper. The flowered heart reveals a refined meeting of Geranio and Iris Fiorentino. The
precious combination of Benzoin and Patchouli combined with notes of Vanilla gives the fragrance a
decisive and captivating character, creating a unique signature.

Fiat 500 for her

Inspired by the pearl white FIAT 500, classic and trendy at the same time, FIAT 500 for her is dedicated to a
chic woman, feminine and sophisticated in style, but who faces life joyfully in its simplicity. The sparkling
debut with spicy head notes of pink pepper, mandarin and lichee is a fresh interpretation of a classic
bouquet of white flowers of gardenia, magnolia and jasmine, the epitome of Italian charm. A combination
of woody notes and white musk is released in the base notes of the fragrance, in which the skillful balance
between enveloping and sensual sandalwood and the drier but clean and elegant cedar wood gives a
modern touch to the composition. A flowery cocktail inspired by the Dolce Vita on board an elegant FIAT


Fiat da oltre un secolo è simbolo della mobilità italiana, grazie soprattutto a FIAT 500: la vettura più amata di tutti i tempi, icona del made in Italy. Per rendere omaggio al suo spirito audace nasce la prima fragranza ispirata a FIAT 500, per lui e per lei.

41 Burlington Arcade

Named and dedicated to the new flagship at 41 Burlington Arcade, itself a contemporary paean to English refinement, the fragrance is the latest member of the historic Emblematic Collection. Centred around Liquorice and the revelation of its sensual charms, darkly bittersweet and earthy tones have been sublimated with vivid notes of pink pepper from Reunion Island, West Indian Bay leaf from Dominica and Indonesian Patchouli. Floral transparent notes have been dialed up to deliver freshness and vivacity.
The fragrance’s daring individuality and unisex appeal perfectly encapsulates the eclectic spirit of today’s Mayfair. Created by Julie Pluchet who grew up in the bucolic French countryside, it brings a contemporary vision of perfumery driven by an innate intrigue of new olfactive territories.
The release is limited to just 1799 bottles of Eau de Parfum.

Pirates’ Grand Reserve

Pirates’ Grand Reserve is a rich, adventurous brew of brigands and buccaneers. Chocolate and gloriously aged rum pay delicious homage to English gentlemanpirate Sir Francis Drake, who sailed around the world under Queen Elizabeth I’s flag. As daring and romantic as the legendary explorer, Pirates’ Grand Reserve puts a dangerously intoxicating spin on a perfumery favourite: rum. Full-bodied, fullblooded and, full speed ahead, Pirates’ is a fragrance to walk the plank for.