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La Perla Peony Blossom, an Aura of Refined Seduction

La Perla has captured all the luminous refinement of Peony Blossom in this new fragrance.

La Perla, the Italian luxury lingerie house, presents a new fragrance, once again translating the sensuality of its lacy and silky creations into an olfactory experience. This new fragrance is the essence of a self-confident and modern woman, who  shines with a beauty that seems illuminated from within. Just as La Perla lingerie caresses the skin, so does this fragrance with the soft petals of a flower about to open. Juicy and fragrance pear and deliciously sensual white peach are the vivacious top notes, with fresh blackberry and the elegance of orange blossom. In the heart of the fragrance peony reveals its radiant and ethereal soul, its radiant femininity enhanced by jasmine blossom and soft violet with powdery scents.
Joyous sensuality lingers in the base notes of patchouli with harmonizes with vanilla and the irresistible sweetness of musk.

The voluptuousness of La Perla Peony Blossom is revealed in the transparency of every molecule, releasing a delicately magnetic seduction with a luxuriant and luminous peony, the noble symbol of good luck. The bottle shines as though sculpted by the sun.
Under its golden cap, every facet shines with infinite reflections. In the palm of the hand, the bottle becomes a good luck charm or a dream-catcher with an ultra-feminine attractiveness. It is as intriguing as the drops of morning dew which illuminate a garden painted by its new blossoms. The box is pearly white with a golden logo, with the purity of the design recalling the most refined lingerie:it evokes the whole seductive universe of La Perla, inviting you to discover the sophisticated fragrance inside. In the visual, the rays of the sun filter through an open window. A gentle breeze gives new vigour to the senses. She is sublimated by the light and her beauty is reflected in the crystalline opulence of a luminous new fragrance: La Perla Peony Blossom.