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Perfume Holding launches Liu Jo Gold

Perfume_Holding_Pambianco_beauty_PPerfume Holding has launched Gold, the third Liu Jo  fragrance exclusively distributed (just like the first two)  at perfumeries Limoni and La Gardenia. “It’s a launch – CEO of Perfume Holding Dino Pace said to Pambianco TV- which closes three years of programming and planning the brand’s presence in the international perfumery market in Europe and the Middle East. We started in June 2014 with the first Liu Jo Signature fragrance, which marked the debut of the brand in the perfume industry, then we launched Scent and today Gold, which is the closing of a circle: a more ‘premium’ perfume to celebrate the success of Liu Jo Fragrances not only on the Italian level, thanks to the Limoni group and La Gardenia, but also in Europe and in the Middle East with the presence of the brand in major beauty retailers”.

But the brand’s news does not end there. “In fact, before the summer of 2017 we will present a new project for Liu Jo in perfumeries – continued the manager – with a launch and a marketing format dedicated to a target of younger consumers.”

Perfume Holding, which closed 2015 with a turnover of 100 million euros, continued its race also in 2016. “We have filed 2016 in line with our estimates marking a slight increase in sales and reaching our profit targets. We also successfully carried out the upgrading strategy in primary retail with a growing market share for both Liu Jo and our main brand Ferrari which became the second brand for volume and the fourth for turnover in Brazil. In addition Atkinsons – our brand of niche perfumery distributed today  in 500 shops and department stores worldwide – is enjoying a great success with both consumers and buyers everywhere”.

Llg-Perfume Holding: partnership renewed

Perfume_Holding_Beauty_Biz_PLlg and Perfume Holding work together once again. The occasion is the third olfactory chapter of Liu Jo, Liu Jo Gold, which in these days can already be found in the sales outlets of the firm. “This is a sophisticated fragrance, born in the wake of the success of the previous two, which marked the brand’s entrance into the universe of fragrances and achieved excellent results by partnering with Llg” explains Dino Pace, CEO of Perfume Holding. “It’s the expansion of a partnership which includes Liu Jo and Ferrari  and rests on good foundations and mutual satisfaction. The launch of the Liu Jo brand, in particular, has produced extraordinary results. Moreover, having this exclusive for Limoni is entirely consistent with our choice of selectivity. In addition the fact that it is an Italian brand – being as we are an Italian company- makes us very proud,”said Fabio Pampani, CEO of Llg.