Fragrance Case: the smart way to apply fragrance | 20/04/2016
Amazing, cool, innovative. We are pleased to introduce Fragrance Case, the latest accessory for your iPhone 6 and 6s with an elegant and sophisticated design, soft-touch and  incredibly easy to use, releasing your fragrance  whenever you want, directly from your phone. An innovative concept has been developed and patented by Perfume Holding that teams up with Ferrari for two of its iconic f... read more
Bonomi bets on Italy: “We’re ready to buy three companies in the design, luxury and chemical industries” | 25/02/2016 | source: La repubblica
With the sixth fund Investindustrial raised two billions and is now betting on Southern Europe. Industrial companies are preferred to banks. The new model that will relaunch Aston Martin is ready. Advances for RCS were rejected. By Vittoria Puledda "The world risks a new slowdown and volatility is very high. But for a private equity fund it is the perfect time to take the field and play a ... read more
7 Questions for Dino Pace | 19/11/2015 | source: Image
The CEO of Perfume Holding unveils the numerous projects that the company will be undertaking this semester and throughout 2016. The aim: to innovate the sector in Italy and cash more successes abroad. In the first half of 2015, Perfume Holding recorded a definite increase in margins and revenues: an EBITDA of 2.7 million Euros, with a growing increase of 146% over the previous year and reven... read more
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